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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Herbert L. Clarke in the General forums; Anyone know where I can get a copy of his book "How I became a cornetist? Thanks!...
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    Herbert L. Clarke

    Anyone know where I can get a copy of his book "How I became a cornetist?


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    Re: Herbert L. Clarke

    [ame=] How I Became a Cornetist: Herbert L. Clarke: Books[/ame]
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    Re: Herbert L. Clarke

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    Re: Herbert L. Clarke

    A student of mine got a hold of a copy and lent it to me. A fascinating read. What really struck me was that in the 1880's there seemed to be very few teachers, he had to figure out a lot of stuff on his own, whereas if he had had a good teacher it would have saved him a lot of time. He didn't have the advantage of his own books!
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