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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Heritage Festival, Anaheim California in the General forums; This last weekend my schools top 2 Choirs and Symphony attended the Heritage Festival in Anaheim. Friday morning, Symphony had ...
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    Heritage Festival, Anaheim California

    This last weekend my schools top 2 Choirs and Symphony attended the Heritage Festival in Anaheim. Friday morning, Symphony had a two-hour clinic with Dr. Larry Livingston at USC. He was absolutely amazing, I'm so happy I got the chance to work with another great musical genius.
    After our clinic we headed to the Heritage Festival for our performance, we had some bus issues and ended up arriving on stage just 2 minuets before our performance time, so we had a quick warm up and started our performance just in time. We were the first to perform, and I think we started the day off pretty well. We played Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens, and March Slave by Tchycovsky. After our performance we were supposed to have the judges speak to us and give us some pointers to help us improve and run though some trouble spots. But all they told us was to buy a variety of new crash cymbals so we have different colors for different styles, and that other than that, nothing they can say can help us. Our choirs also performed great.
    At the awards ceremony our top choir Cantus received a gold rating and first place for the "Concert Choir" genre. Our women’s choir Divie took 5th place, also with a gold rating. Symphony swept the awards for our division, we received 1st place for orchestras with a gold rating, and won the award for the highest average of our top two orchestra scores (our string orchestra also performed and got 6th place overall).
    The biggest highlight of the awards ceremony was receiving the top award of the entire festival; this was a school wide award (for all Choirs, Orchestras, and Bands) that went to the school with the highest average of their top 3 scores. We also won the bid to perform at the Heritage Festival in Boston next year, I guess you could say it's "the finals" of the Heritage Festivals.

    I'll write more in detail about our scores when I see them tomorrow, but it was a great weekend, and such an amazing experience!
    -David Jacques

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    Oh my school went to Heritage Festivals in San Fran! It was our first trip there, and we didn't do too bad. A couple of the Jazz Ensembles there were amazing! Especially the soloists. Did you take pictures after your performance? I don't remember the website for the photography. I have a video of part of our Jazz Performance

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