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Trumpet Discussion Discuss High note / lip buzzing issue in the General forums; Originally Posted by TrumpetMonk Yea, I used to have that problem, still do on some occasions. It's deffinitly a pressure ...
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    Re: High note / lip buzzing issue

    Quote Originally Posted by TrumpetMonk View Post
    Yea, I used to have that problem, still do on some occasions. It's deffinitly a pressure thing, but mostly mental pressure. Make sure to stay mentally relaxed. What I do, is just get as relaxed as possible, hear it in my head, take a big 'ol relaxed breath and blow that stuff down the street.

    That's a quote worthy of the bulletin board .... "Hear it in your head, take a big 'ol relaxed breath and blow that stuff down the street."


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    Re: High note / lip buzzing issue

    Ohmmmmmm; I think we are onto the truth here. Oh how I agree with the last two posts.
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    Re: High note / lip buzzing issue

    I would also add to the already good and useful info to incorporate pedal tones into your routine. Outside of the mechanics mentioned, I too think a lot of it is in your head. Seems like the buzzword is buzzing this week!
    Try this link for some tasty info about lip buzzing.

    The Trumpet embouchure - how to buzz

    The whole site is good. Hope this helps
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    Re: High note / lip buzzing issue

    Another thing that I find, besides pushing to hard on high notes, and blowing too hard - make sure your lips are good and moist going into the high note.

    Makes a big difference to me.
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    Re: High note / lip buzzing issue

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    When your range stops at a specific note, the reason is always the same. TOO MUCH PRESSURE SQUEEZING THE CHOPS OFF.

    That usually comes from sub standard breathing and an inadequate practice routine....
    Absolutely. As a high schooler and then when I started playing seriously again about 10 years that happened to me. Too much, pressure, too much tightening of the torso trying to squeeze out the high notes.

    As I corrected bad habits my upper range changed for the better.

    My max volume (ffff) range is up to around an Eb, and then the notes above that gradually roll off in volume. Most days I can play a DBL C or higher, it just gets quieter as I keep going up. I couldn't do that at all before, it would all just shut down.

    As has been said repeatedly, its all about using lots of air, proper posture and avoiding tensing up.
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    Re: High note / lip buzzing issue

    In my own practice, I'm finding that to get an increase in range, I have to develop my control for notes just underneath the top notes. Right now I'm doing a lot of practice in the F to C range and I'm finding it's helping a lot with the notes about C. My focus has been to build as much relaxation as possible into that range by practicing those notes at any volume and articulation. YMMV.

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    Re: High note / lip buzzing issue

    I like rowuk's post. My experience as a rank amateur:

    1. Notes get pinched off by lips in upper register
    2. Firm corners outside mouthpiece and loose lip inside mouthpiece works best
    3. Practicing easy approaches to high notes in relaxed manner builds range
    4. Practicing upper register every day for a limited amount of time is helpful
    5. Remember Vern (I tell myself) it's not how high the note, it's how pretty it sounds

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