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Trumpet Discussion Discuss High Notes in the General forums; I'm in miami recording a Cd this week (with Frank Greene, Greg Gisbert, etc...yikes!) but perhaps some other time! -t...
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    Re: High Notes

    I'm in miami recording a Cd this week (with Frank Greene, Greg Gisbert, etc...yikes!) but perhaps some other time!

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    Re: High Notes

    Quote Originally Posted by B15M View Post
    I am convinced that there is a trick to playing high notes.

    I practice every day (Just about) and have a decent range. I can play up to F above high C.

    I watched a video of Adam Rappa popping off high notes with no effort. Now I know what you are going to post. He is a pro that has worked on it for years. True enough, but, he used very little effort and purposely contorted his body to show, I forget what. The point is, no effort, very little air.

    My daughter used to play the trumpet. Every now and then she picks it up again. Yesterday I was practising and she came in the room to talk. She took out her trumpet and played up to F above high C with know problem. How can this be?

    She and I worked on changing my embouchure so I could hit high notes. I could squeak them but it messed up everything else.

    I have a gig tonight and then nothing for a while. I think tomorrow I'm going to mess with it.
    If you and your daughter changed your embouchure, and the high notes started to come out, I would try to stick with this for a while , when I first made my change the high notes started to come out but my sound was thinner and smaller in all registers than it was before , the more I practiced the better my sound got in all registers, that was back in '75 and I have been playing lead in bands ever since, the upper register comes with a combination and coordination of lip compression, jaw and tongue placement, air flow,and breathing, if only one of these is missing or done incorrectly your upper register will be limited and not very big, it takes time to develop this, I was able to work after a month, although I wasn't really happy with my sound [smaller than I really wanted] but it did keep growing and by 3 mos. after the change my sound had developed to where I wanted it. Oh by the way I was 25 yrs. old when I did this.

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    Re: High Notes

    Please donīt think about it too much, have a lesson with Bobby Shew when you can, heīs a gentleman and a scholar. Itīs worth waiting for, tell him Ian from Cork 20 years ago says hello!

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    Re: High Notes

    YES! rowuk... thats so true... i have to hear a pitch when i play notes above the staff... My teacher would say something like more air... can you play those high notes? and ive told him before... theyre just notes like every other one...
    super collegiate tri-tone (raw brass)

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