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Trumpet Discussion Discuss High Res Trumpet Photos in the General forums; Hey everyone, I'm looking to spruce up my house and/or office with some new photos. If any of you have ...
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    Re: High Res Trumpet Photos

    Try sending DubbaCTrumpetMSU a pm. I know he has done a few colages for taylor and one for himself of Stage 1 horns.
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    Re: High Res Trumpet Photos

    The Marine Corp had a pretty good poster 15 years ago. I still have it.
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    Re: High Res Trumpet Photos

    Check out the Maynard site for the tribute prints available. Stunning work. I have the rainbow Monnette (print, that is)
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    Re: High Res Trumpet Photos

    There's a guy on Ebay who calls himself wideangleman. I know he's Canadian and has some very nice images that he does sell. It's worth a look.

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