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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Holton Loyalist in the General forums; So I have a Holton cornet that I'm trying to dig up some history on. The serial number suggests that ...
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    Holton Loyalist

    So I have a Holton cornet that I'm trying to dig up some history on. The serial number suggests that it was made in 1924. There is no model name on the horn. Just that it's a Holton, the serial number and -0 is stamped near the serial.

    I've looked through the Holton Loyalist site, and there isn't a single horn that matches it. There are some that come close, but still have multiple differences. I'm starting to wonder if I have a prototype...

    I was going to send pictures to the site so they could help me out, but their "contact us" page isn't working. I get an error message every time I click on it.

    Does anybody know how to contact the site, or who runs the site? Are there any Holton experts lurking around here on TM?

    Oh and by the way, I searched through Horn-U-Copia as well. No such luck.

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    Re: Holton Loyalist

    I believe that it is no longer maintained. The domain contact is "[email protected]".


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    Re: Holton Loyalist

    For all things Holton I contact Joe1Joey here on TM
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