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Trumpet Discussion Discuss At home Practice??? in the General forums; Originally Posted by willbarber I know a Tuba player with thin lips, everyone's different. Hence my disclaimer about making a ...
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    Re: At home Practice???

    Quote Originally Posted by willbarber View Post
    I know a Tuba player with thin lips, everyone's different.
    Hence my disclaimer about making a broad generalization!

    But he did mention the tuba history in addition to what sounds like playing in the red on the trumpet. That was enough to make a reasonable guess that he might be a relatively thick lipped player (as I am).

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    Re: At home Practice???

    [quote=Solar Bell;419516]As a senior in high school, where do you find time for two and a half hours of practice?

    to tell the truth i am a freshman in high school who practices anywhere from 2 to up to 4 hours a day. considering i am a girl it pretty much consumes my social life but in the long run i would much rather destroy my social life during the week and have it during the weekend

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    Re: At home Practice???

    It seems that you are getting in quite a bit of playing with the bands at school but you really should be taking lessons. One area of playing you did not mention is playing duets with a friend. I suggest you find time to play duets with a friend, preferably one who is taking lessons. He or she will undoubtly share information they have obtained from their lessons with you and playing duets are extremely beneficial for many reasons.

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    Re: At home Practice???

    Does it have to be the Army bands, or will other branches of service work as well? I'd suggest having an open mind about that, just in case the Army doesn't work out.

    Another possibility is to practice and improve so you could work toward college scholarships, majoring in music. Then you could again look at joining a military band, with a much stronger resume under your belt.

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    Re: At home Practice???

    When I saw Maynard for the first time I met his lead player at the time, Stan Mark in the hallway and he was nice enough to talk to a wide eyed high school kid. I asked him how he built his range. He told me lots of hymns and marches. So you can add that to the list of good things already mentioned.
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