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Trumpet Discussion Discuss An honest post... in the General forums; Salt messes with my chops. I remember once eating french fries before an audition. It was a really bad decision....
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    Re: An honest post...

    Salt messes with my chops. I remember once eating french fries before an audition. It was a really bad decision.
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    Re: An honest post...

    You've eaten similar stuff before, right? If not and you think its the cause, simply don't do that anymore.
    However, if that isn't the case then let me suggest something that happens to a lot of trumpet players in the Spring &/or Fall. Allergies and dry sinuses.
    In the Fall, I can't hear correctly my head is stuffy, I have a light headache and in a nutshell can not get my act together and music is no fun. I do still have to put on a good performance but damned, what a struggle.
    See if its your sinuses by simply stopping one of your nose holes and breathing. If there's blockage, then there's a good chance its allergies or dried out sinuses. If so, allegra or allegra D along with a saline spray(to moisten the sinuses) works for me.

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    Re: An honest post...

    Thanks for all the replies guys. Gig last night went a bit better, but chops were obviously really swollen from Sunday. I lasted until about halfway through the second half before I was needing regular breaks to avoid blowing fresh air.

    Going to try to take a few days away, just in case there's any underlying muscle damage.



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