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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Horn Price and Spec Help! in the General forums; Hahahahahahahaha ........ You're a sneaky one, but ..... THAT'S NOT MY CAT. I'm going to have to keep my eye ...
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    Utimate User turtlejimmy's Avatar
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    Jun 2010

    Re: Horn Price and Spec Help!

    Hahahahahahahaha ........

    You're a sneaky one, but ..... THAT'S NOT MY CAT. I'm going to have to keep my eye on you.

    Trumpets are for extroverts - Lee Morgan

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    Utimate User tobylou8's Avatar
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    Re: Horn Price and Spec Help!

    C'mon, that cat is named MILES! Miles was/is one cool cat and is wondering why you don't dump that Olds for an MC??!! Don't tell me your cat's named "Lee"!
    Knowledge is freedom, and ignorance is slavery - Miles Davis

    The difference between a beginner and pro mouthpiece is practice - tobylou8

    Nobody has learned how to play the trumpet. It's endless. - Maynard Ferguson

    Don't be afraid to try something different. The Ark was built by an amateur and the Titanic was built by a group of experienced engineers.

    By the inch it's a cinch, by the yard, it's hard!

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    Re: Horn Price and Spec Help!

    I'll trade you my vocabell cornet for the olds...I think the conn retailed for more than that junky recording.

    I think 1,000$ is a firm and good pricepoint for the bach strad horn. Music shops will try for 1400-1500 but that's too steep for any old bach. Good luck.

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    Re: Horn Price and Spec Help!

    Quote Originally Posted by turtlejimmy View Post
    Hahahahahahahaha ........ THAT'S NOT MY CAT.
    Wow. Who knew you could even teach a cat to salute. Impressive!

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