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Trumpet Discussion Discuss horn recommendations please in the General forums; Have two horns and know a 14 year old girl who is playing a bit and needs one. I have ...
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    horn recommendations please

    Have two horns and know a 14 year old girl who is playing a bit and needs one. I have loaned them to her to try out. One is an L.A. Benge MLP and the other an AMC contempo. Are either of these horns suitable for her at all. Can she grow into them, etc. If so, what would be a fair price? The Benge is in reasonably good shape but with some bruises. The Contempo has lacquer deterioration but is basically straight and in good playable condition. Thanks for your expertise!

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    Benges are great horns I'm not sure about the other brand though. The 3x probably cost around $1400 new so a good price for her might be anywhere from $500-$900 depending on the condition.

    If shes looking for a good horn that's intermediate to pro for a good price I suggewst the following:

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    I think the AMC is really an RMC contempo. Also a very good intermediate horn. Some of the early RMCs had lacquer problems and you can find many of them raw. They have a great sound when the lacquer is gone!
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    Contempo or Contempora ?


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