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Trumpet Discussion Discuss How accurate is the Play Test? in the General forums; Originally Posted by gmonady So agree Ivan... By the way... I was told by Professor Brookshire that from a reading ...
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    Re: How accurate is the Play Test?

    Quote Originally Posted by gmonady View Post
    So agree Ivan... By the way... I was told by Professor Brookshire that from a reading he quoted, the F (Concert Eb) is the best note from which to tune the trumpet. In so doing, all other notes will be relatively in tune. Have you heard of this?
    It depends on the instrument. I've owned two Selmer cornets that had extremely sharp F's (concert Eb's), so that would have been a poor tuning-note choice for those particular horns.

    It all comes down to knowing the intonation tendencies of your specific instrument or instruments. I have a Calicchio flugelhorn that has a rather sharp tuning C (concert Bb). If I pull the tuning pipe out to get the C in tune, everything else is flat.

    I spent a lot of time in grade school and junior high honking at the Conn Strobo-tuner, getting the dials to settle down to the band director's satisfaction. Almost 40 years later my philosophy is, "don't tune, just play in tune." I know how much tuning-slide pull my daily players usually need, and I'll generally play a note in response to the obligatory "tuning note" and make of show of fiddling with my tuning slide while not moving it.

    Unless the band is playing with a real piano, in which case tuning probably matters, or if the venue is particularly hot or cold.

    The most important things are having "big ears" and just playing in tune.
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    Re: How accurate is the Play Test?

    Great thread, Ivan. I wonder how many players, particularly those that are inexperienced, try to tune cold instruments; those taken from the case just moments before tuning attempts.
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