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Trumpet Discussion Discuss How do... in the General forums; How do you breathe with the Farkas/ Mendez embouchure (setting by saying the letter M)??...
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    How do...

    How do you breathe with the Farkas/ Mendez embouchure (setting by saying the letter M)??
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    Re: How do...

    You simply open your mouth. The embouchure is the lip/face geometry when you play. generally it is practiced until it becomes second nature. With proper practice you can either open the corners of the mouth while playing or the whole mouth before.

    My rule is use your nose as long as you have the time. If the time available is not long enough, then use the mouth. The nose filters, moisturizes and regulated the temperature of the air inhaled.
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    Re: How do...

    The rule of thumb is that if you have the luxury of time to remove the mouthpiece, breathe through the mouth, create the embouchure and then add pressure, or breathe through the nose with the mouthpiece still on the face.
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    Re: How do...

    You might want to watch Mendez on youtube to see how he does it.

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