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Trumpet Discussion Discuss How do I play higher? in the General forums; keep us posted Harvey ......
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    Re: How do I play higher?

    keep us posted Harvey ...
    If you can sound Taps please take a few minutes and check out this site.
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    Re: How do I play higher?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vulgano Brother View Post
    Cut & Paste from a previous post.:
    A great exercise for learning control is to practice what my professor, Gerald Webster called "Ghost Tones." Take a note (say, for example, g in the staff) and without tonguing, play it so softly that the sound really doesn't leave the bell--it will get trapped inside and not project.

    This is really hard to do!

    To learn the feeling, practice decrescendos with the sound going down to nothing. If the note stops, keep trying until you get it down to next to nothing. When you get this down, try the original exercise.

    Not to worry--soft playing requires more embouchure strength than playing loudly. Then, when you apply power the notes should pop out.

    Have fun!
    This is part of the Cat Anderson method. It did work out for him........

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