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Trumpet Discussion Discuss How do you empty your mind when...... in the General forums; Originally Posted by barliman2001 Seth, for me at least, the best time to practice double tongueing has proved to be ...
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    Re: How do you empty your mind when......

    Quote Originally Posted by barliman2001 View Post
    for me at least, the best time to practice double tongueing has proved to be without a trumpet while driving my car long-distance. It's a non-trumpet setting, so your mind does not mess around with trumpet-related issues; you're nicely occupied, but not with the horrors of say traversing a busy city.
    My first ever trumpet teacher gave me a speaking exercise for double tongueing, and I am using that while driving:
    Very softly, I am just saying dee-gu-dug-gu-doo-gu-dug-gu and repeat ad infinitum. Take care to keep the pronounciation well forward, just behind your front teeth, and start off slowly, perhaps keeping in time with the engine throb or whatever rhythm is handy. Then slowly speed up. You can keep that up for hours, and your double tongueing will improve in no time.
    It's my constant mantra when driving between my family home in Vienna and my mother's place near Munich (450 kilometres one way).
    Nice idea there. I believe I do a lot of that type of thing without even knowing I'm doing it right away, and other forms of flexing certain muscles, not in my tongue or mouth, and going up and down the scale while doing a form of isometrics. Hard to really explain, but it had become so habit forming I almost started hating that I did it so much!
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    Re: How do you empty your mind when......

    Quote Originally Posted by Sethoflagos View Post
    There must be dozens and dozens of interrelated muscle movements that have to be synchronised into a single unified process. So it seems that early in the learning process, you're faced with having to do all of it, all at once....

    But the real key seems to be staying totally relaxed throughout. The moment you start tensing up anywhere, you may as well put the instrument back in the box and go off and do something else. Force is futile.
    Relaxation is key, especially when tonguing. I got a nice review in Germany playing the Christmas Oratorio, being described as "the outstanding trumpeter who effortlessly played the fast passages." The key is to let the tongue "melt in our mouths," and the result is plenty crisp. When first working on tonguing (or anything else worth practicing) it is going to sound bad at first. We, in my opinion, need to practice things that sound bad (and are usually the least fun to practice) with a clear concept of what we want it to sound like and allow it to sound bad while our bodies figure out how to play.
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