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Trumpet Discussion Discuss How do you structure your practicing? in the General forums; Hello everyone! I am looking for some ways to "tweak" my practice routine. What kinds of things do you all ...
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    How do you structure your practicing?

    Hello everyone!

    I am looking for some ways to "tweak" my practice routine. What kinds of things do you all do when you practice? Do you have a specific order?

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    Re: How do you structure your practicing?

    1.) the only specific order is to warm up ---- some long tones, some slurs, a lot of the scales -- --
    2.) Mostly I run through my music, working on the timing issues I've always had ((ie. music does not come naturally to me, oh well, but I like to play so here I am)) --- as far as the mechanics go --
    3.) I try to get 10 minutes each of the fundamentals (tonguing, and arpeggios, scales, octave and interval leaps, slurs) -- I try to touch on all ranges I have (low, middle, high ranges) ----
    4.) then finally I like to play some music, stuff that I like and enjoy ((((all told about 1.5 hours of practice each night))))
    5.)- of course, I double on trombone, so I try to throw a few mintues of that thing in there also,----- but trombone is less of a priority for me, of course that is why I suck at reading Bass clef and holding notes longer than 5 beats --- cause none of the parade music is longer than 5 beats ----so why have more trombone skills than I need?????
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    Re: How do you structure your practicing?

    1. A Series of long tones with expanding lip slurs for flexibility.
    2. One-octave scales single tongued, starting with F# below the staff, playing do to do, reto re, etc.
    3. Arban's double and triple tonguing.
    This takes around 45 minutes and gets me set for the day, and I am convinced that we don't "warm up" our chops, but rather our air. After a break I'll start attacking whatever pieces are on the next card (except for Mozart=wimp!) On those days where an early start doesn't leave "enough time" for a warm up, I can hit the ground running.
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    Re: How do you structure your practicing?

    1. I warm up first about 5 minutes starting with long tones then flexibility studies as Vulgano Brother suggests.
    2. Dive into working on tunes... not only playing, but writing and arranging as I practice on.
    3. If I am having finding the need, going to methods books (I use The Jazz Trumpet Book; Abans is cool though) to rehab as required.

    I do this for AT least an hour and then past that time until I begin feeling fatigue (loss of accuracy in attacks) than I stop immediately. This keeps me in shape for the 4 hour gigs my quintet requires of me, much of this in the high octave range.

    By the way, we warm up chops (and air). Muscle is muscle for crappin out loud.
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    Re: How do you structure your practicing?

    Very similar

    Long quiet low notes (watching the tuner) moving into the pedals after a couple of minutes down to C below bass stave
    Mixed legato scales moving up to treble stave C to get the fingers working
    A few Arban tonguing exercises
    Wide interval lip slurs eventually working into the upper register

    Then onto whatever I'm working on at the time
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