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Trumpet Discussion Discuss How long do you go without practice?? how much to practice? in the General forums; Hello Getzen! Try to play on your mouthpiece or buzz in your Car when you go at work.... Thats good ...
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    Hello Getzen!

    Try to play on your mouthpiece or buzz
    in your Car when you go at work....
    Thats good for your chops and your sound!

    Good Luck

    (The Little French Trumpet Player)

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    Getzen, I totally feel your pain. although at my best, I'm behind the horn for a couple of sessions ever day, there are sometimes stretches where I miss days at a time and it has a terrible affect on my chops.

    Rick said it best when he said that trumpet is the worst instrument to try to do part time.

    Try what I did: Schedule a time every day if you can, and get behind the horn at least some. If all you can manage to squeeze in is 10 minutes of long tones and basic articulation, it's FAR better than not doing anything. For a while I was complaining to myself that I just didn't have the time to practice; the reality was that I wasn't MAKING the time to practice.

    As simplistic as this might sound, if playing trumpet is a priority for you, you WILL make the time to do more of it, and once you do, your chops should come back pretty quickly.
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    Please don't think I'm trying to be argumentative but I have to speak up. The Chop Sticks method may have some positive artificial effect on your physical set up but it will do nothing for :

    Sight reading

    Finger dexterity

    single tongue

    double tongue

    triple tongue


    rhythmic pattern recognition

    Scale and arpeggio recognition

    Need I go on?


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    For practice time you can probably do okay with 3-5 days a week of 45-60 minutes. However, I find even though I practice 90 minutes to 3+ hours a day I really feel it if I miss even one day. Two days missed and I'm toast for a week.

    Try as much as possible to play every day. I find 15-20 minutes in a pinch makes a huge difference the next day in a serious practice session or rehearsal.

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    As a comeback player myself, with no real ambitions to become a lead player, I still find time to practice between 30 - 90 minutes at least 6 days per week. I have a two hour commute to work, work usually 9 hours per day, and work around the house on weekends. I guess it all depends on what you want from the horn. My sessions just about maintain my chops, but I make the time in my busy schedule to practice at least the 30 minutes. I then usually add another session after dinner at night.

    Hope this helps,

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    Thanks for the info, really helpful.

    I will work on putting more serious time into practice.
    In my years in High School when I returned to playing trumpet again I was taking private lessons for over a year and was in an amature band but I had to stop to save up on college spending and times wise didn't work anymore.

    I tried to find an amature band in some community program, but it seems that such programs are not available, atleast in my erea. My college only has clubs for vocals and piano, nothing else.

    I wish I could be back in highschool with a marching band.

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