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Trumpet Discussion Discuss How to make new connections? in the General forums; Originally Posted by peabodytrumpeter Hi Mr. L- Since I getting packed and ready to move to NYC in August I ...
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    Re: How to make new connections?

    Quote Originally Posted by peabodytrumpeter
    Hi Mr. L-

    Since I getting packed and ready to move to NYC in August I am thinking more and more about how to make new connections in the Big Apple (or any new city for that matter). Do you have any suggestions? I've come up with a few things thus far:

    -Arrange lessons with the big players to get as many new opinions as possible.
    -Arrange lessons/duet playing with some of the young, upcoming players and ask lots of questions about how they've done it so far.
    -Go to TONS of live concerts with New York Phil and all of the great orchestras that come through Carnegie Hall.

    Any other ideas/suggestions? BTW, I'm not just moving there on a whim...I'll be studying at MSM with Mr. Gould this fall for a MM in trumpet.

    Thanks for your time!
    New York has an incredible information network. It is almost impossible to be invisible in NYC.
    When Wynton came here, the word quickly got out about the new kid in town. At a concert that he was subbing for me, a leading player in town managed to hear Wynton play the Haydn Concerto. He heard Wynton on the backstage phone
    Come on down to the FONT concert at Tonic and meet the guys.
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    meeting guys

    One thing I would recommend is to take gigs. What I mean is that you will be offered gigs that you aren't sure you should do, because the money is not as good as you would like, or you don't know the other musicians. But if you put yourself out there, you will invariably increase the number of people who hear what you can do.
    One phone call in the eighties I did not make was to a then unknown player named Ray Vega, who met me at Giardinellis trying mouthpieces and wanted me to come and do some latin gigs, but in thosae days that meant a lot of 11PM starts in the Bronx, which was not so safe then. I was already doing what I thought were good gigs, so I figured I would get around to it eventually, but I wasn't gonna run after it.
    Boy, talk about missed opportunities. The guys who were on those gigs are doing some of the best gigs in town, and Ray is an international Jazz artist.
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