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Trumpet Discussion Discuss How Much? and How Often? in the General forums; I use Blue Juice. On the horns I play regularly, I put a few drops on each valve every couple ...
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    Re: How Much? and How Often?

    I use Blue Juice. On the horns I play regularly, I put a few drops on each valve every couple days. For those that sit in their cases for weeks, quietly awaiting the thrill of being used, I oil before playing them, as Blue Juice evaporates fairly quickly. I've heard the tale of spitting on the valves to lube them in the days before valve oil. That would probably explain the worn-out valves on many vintage horns that were played very much.
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    Re: How Much? and How Often?

    Quote Originally Posted by ckkphoto View Post
    I use Al Cass oil. Seems to need oil once at the beginning of playing and near the end of an hour to an hr and a half of near continuous practice. I have spilled some on the bedspread in the room where I practice (don't tell the wife) and it evaporates. I think I would prefer an oil that doesn't. I have another unopened bottle so it will be about six months before I run out....will probably try ultra pure after that based on Gmonady's testimony.
    blue Juice lasts a long time and doesn't stain. I spilled about 10 drops on a colored shirt last week and it washed out without a problem. If you want something that REALLY LASTS, try BiNaK. It is a synthetic that lasts 10 times longer than anything I have ever seen. Only takes a drop or two. Can last days to weeks. A bottle came with my Kanstul1502. Have been using it exclusively on the horn. Bottle is still almost full after several years. By the way, you cannot mix it with other oils ( must clean valves before applying the first time).
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    Re: How Much? and How Often?

    I oil my valves liberally everyday - I have been told by a number of horn techs the same as a previous poster mentioned: that if I wait for the valves to get sluggish then wear is already occurring. To date I have never had any issue with the valves on any of my horns.
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    Re: How Much? and How Often?

    Blue Juice -

    I put a couple drops in each valve almost every practice session.
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    Re: How Much? and How Often?

    How much, how often, (and what) has depended on the horn for me. I would use 2 drops of Alisyn on each valves of my Strad. Worked great and lasted for weeks with hours of daily playing. For my older Ambassador and Galaxy, I use Hetmans #3 liberally on each valve. Works for about 1-2 weeks. For my Martin Indiana, the valves are old, but not worn. So I use blue juice, and yes, I pour it down the leadpipe and blow through. I do this every time I play. - Chap
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    Re: How Much? and How Often?

    Use ultra pure every time I get the horn out..(every day )....this is after I have given the valves a wipe with a cheese cloth (clean). Never had a problem,and valves work as they suppose to.
    The only instrument that I don't use Ultra Pure is my new Xeno cornet. Found that using the Yamaha light valve oil works best for this cornet.
    But I must say that keeping the valves clean,wiping them clean before applying the oil and not oiling over old oil is the way to go.
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    Re: How Much? and How Often?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dale Proctor View Post
    I use Blue Juice.
    Yuck! It has dye in it, or so I've been told. No good!
    Mit Kraft!

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    Re: How Much? and How Often?

    Quote Originally Posted by tjcombo View Post
    I grew up with the regime of a "bit of spit" on the valves Stuart. Now I often use a different horn or two each day and have gotten into the habit of putting two or three drops on each valve before playing. I use Al Cass and have heard the criticism that you need to use it more often than other oils. That may make more suited to my use pattern

    I have never heard that before, but my experience seems to back it up.

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    Re: How Much? and How Often?

    A little lime juice in the valves, salt around the mouthpiece and a shot of tequila keep player and horn lubed just fine.....

    But seriously once every other day whether it needs it or not is what I usually do, or before playing if the horn has been sitting a bit..........

    I let the horn decide whether it wants Ultra Pure, or Hetman's 1, 2, or 3.........usually fast and tight valves (read: Schilke, Getzen ) get the Ultra Pure
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    Re: How Much? and How Often?

    I used to use Blue Juice on my LB Strad. Then after only a few weeks, it needed oiling more and more frequently (to the point where I'd oil before a rehearsal, then again every 20 minutes during!), and I was washing the whole thing every couple of days too! A quick trip to my local, Denis Woodward, recommended Ultra Pure, and I've never had a problem since. The Strad has gone weeks without oiling and not a sign of slowing down, although I don't let it go that long usually, force of habit!
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