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Trumpet Discussion Discuss How old are you... in the General forums; 14 and 7 I've been playing for exactly half of my life! Thats a wierd thought....
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    Pianissimo User hornblatt's Avatar
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    Jul 2005
    DC area
    14 and 7

    I've been playing for exactly half of my life! Thats a wierd thought.
    Annie Lemieux
    2006 ITG youth competition WINNER

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    Jan 2004
    Isle of Arran, Scotland
    Age: 42. Trumpet years: 31. And as long as there's a breath of life in me, I shall never stop!
    Amateur trumpeter
    Cornet, Arran Brass
    Brass band tutor for the Workers' Music Association Summer School

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    37 years old
    Started playing when I was 10, stopped when I was 20, started back up when I was 35 so that's what?

    11 Trumpet years?
    2008 Eclipse MHY Bb Trumpet in Silver Plate with interchangable leadpipes
    Getzen Capri Bb Cornet
    Bach, GR & Monette mouthpieces

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    This is a tough one for me to it goes

    39 years young......

    began trumpet at age 13 (two years of percussion before that)

    four very painful years off from age 22 - 26 (lost my dear teacher suddenly - Rapier, didn't take it well, worked in the real world and never opened the case once. I lost my way for a while.)

    age 26 to now.....and forever.

    13 to age 22 = 7 years

    26 to now = 13 years

    Total = 20 trumpet years.....and many more to come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hornblatt
    14 and 7

    I've been playing for exactly half of my life! Thats a wierd thought.
    Just wait until it's 80-90%.

    I am just noticing how young those 35- 45 look. Enjoy it while you got it.
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    Hemet, CA
    14yrs old
    7 playing the horn
    Eclipse MY
    Bach LR180
    Conn 1B-SP46
    Bach TR200
    Antoine Courtois

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    Nov 2004
    Toronto Canada
    Age 42. Started playing trumpet at 13. Quit at 15. Then saw Miles Davis live when I was 28 and have been playing since non stop. So that makes 17 years on trumpet for me. And I feel sometimes that I am strugling like a toddler!

    Rick AKA Trumpet Man

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    New York City
    I was 57 last June. I've been playing since I was 10 and Nov. 21 (I think) will be my 47th anniversary. I started studying again about 13 years ago. I still practice every day, with one day off a week if I can, and believe I'm still improving every day.

    Practicing has become the most enjoyable part of my playing. I rarely don't look forward to it.

    Larry Malin

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    34 and 23.
    The universal language that speaks to the souls of

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    Nov 2003
    64 years old, 51 years playing the trumpet. No breaks with the exception of
    wisdon teeth extractions, and recent heart attack followed by triple by-pass surgery. I am back to three hours a day now, and I love as much as ever


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