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Trumpet Discussion Discuss How to play the bugle in the (American) Navy in the General forums; These are but four of more than 100 bugle calls used in the Navy, including a few which are used ...
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    Re: How to play the bugle in the (American) Navy

    These are but four of more than 100 bugle calls used in the Navy, including a few which are used only in emergencies, such as “Man overboard” or “Abandon ship.”
    Better learn those first.
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    Re: How to play the bugle in the (American) Navy

    These are fun as well: Jagdhorn Noten und Signale
    You can assemble the hunters, call the dogs, signal emergencies, call a wagon, give directions and announce the animal killed. These come from Switzerland, so it doesn't include the signals for "dead seal" and such found in Germany.

    At the feast after the hunt, the horn players would replay the calls used--lots of tunes to memorize, but no fingerings to memorize!
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    Re: How to play the bugle in the (American) Navy

    That's the old, historical version, but we still do have a manual for buglers. It has not only all the calls you might need, but pictures of how you hold your horn, and descriptions of what to do when. Since we no longer use bugles in the fleet, everything is for Bb trumpet, and since we only use Navy Musicians as buglers, it's written for musicians and not the beginner. :)
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    Red face Re: How to play the bugle in the (American) Navy

    THats so cool!!!! My son wants to be the bugler In his boy scout troop. I can't wait to show him this manual.
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    Re: How to play the bugle in the (American) Navy

    I liked this line from the manual:
    "Do not strain to reach the G in these long tone exercises. If the muscles of your lips are ready you will be able to sound it without difficulty."

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