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    How to play lipped down

    How do you play notes "lipped down" on a trumpet?
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    Re: How to play lipped down

    This is referring to playing notes that are sharp on your trumpet lower on the tone to make it go flat to pull it down in tune. This often happens on low D and C#. Some trumpets have other notes that play sharp. If you have a 1st and/or 3rd slides with a ring or saddle that you can kick out while you are playing you usually don't have to lip them down.
    I do a lip down by dropping my jaw a little.

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    Re: How to play lipped down

    Try a g-f#-g combination with the normal 0-2-0 fingering, then try it all open. Do the same with g-f-g, etc. Lipping down requires strength, and can be trained.
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    Re: How to play lipped down

    Lipping up or down is essentially bending the note to get it in tune.
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    Re: How to play lipped down

    By lipping down. Drop your lower jaw, and let you lip relax on to it. Your note will be effected, but it does take strength as Vulgano Brother mentions to maintain a decent tone.
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