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    I have to play all 12 major scales ( a few of which I don't know ), a prepared piece, and a piece we already have for a tryout in a few days. Any recommendations/tips on ways I can do well in studying this?


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    Re: Howdy

    Learn you key signatures and major scales. If you really intend to do something with music you must learn the major scales as well as all forms of minor.

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    Re: Howdy

    If you know the pattern of a major scale (look at the white keys on a piano between middle 'C' and the next 'C' up the keyboard. That pattern is W,W,H,W,W,W,H (W=whole step, H=half step). Then you can pick any note and do a scale from that note using the pattern. Alternately, google "Circle of Fifths", and look at the key signatures for each of the major scales (going around the circle) and just play the scale starting on the specified note and use the specified number of sharps/flats. Easy, huh?
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    Re: Howdy

    C, F (Bb), Bb(Bb, Eb), Eb (Bb, Eb, Ab), - just add a flat for each
    or C, G (F#), D(F#, C#), A(F#,C#,G#), - you just add the sharps

    I personally think - if you write your scales out and think of them orderly in a natural progression of flats or sharps (the next scale simply adds a flat or a sharp)

    You can learn them -- lots of repetitions (by playing or in your mind) will help --don't overcomplicate it.

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    Re: Howdy

    Basically, each of us has a technique for memorizing things. Some relate events to rooms and contents in those rooms, some simply memorize by repetitions, some keep track of half and whole steps......

    The "best way" is the method that fits you. My experience is that one, max. 2 scales per week is more than enough. Then continued review keeps them fresh.

    If you have an audition in a couple of days and have just figured out now what is necessary, I guess you have a pretty good idea how important this event is for you. Important things in life DESERVE the very best preparation...............
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