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Trumpet Discussion Discuss HUGE THANK-YOU!s in the General forums; Jeanne: That's so good to hear! You should have a couple more waiting for you when you get back. Take ...
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    That's so good to hear! You should have a couple more waiting for you when you get back. Take care and stay warm! :)

    Stop acting like someone shot your dog.

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    Heads up Jeanne ... trumpet headed your way .... should receive Monday from UPS.

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    Thumbs up Re: HUGE THANK-YOU!s

    Hi, all:

    Another round of big thank-you's for donations to Haiti (and there will soon be more thank-you's, as I work through unpacking)

    Gregg Peele has sent 3 horns, Greg Zent has sent 4(including two hand-crafted C trumpets, which I encourage all of you to try---quite remarkable instruments!), Stephan Mattsen continues to manufacture Renuzit practice mutes and to donate mouthpieces and valve oil...

    Mark Schwartz, who's volunteering accounting help to the foundation, and the wonderful Martin Rooney, who's been doing all our legal work for the foundation pro-bono (and donated a Bb/C trumpet to the kids in Haiti, too)!

    I'll be thanking more folks as I can get through the boxes.

    We can STILL use more help, if you're so inclined (soon will have 501c3 status and be able to provide tax letters, too).

    Please chat with your colleagues: we need string instruments, percussion instruments and supplies, woodwind instruments and reeds, sheet music (solos, lesson and etude books, band and orchestra arrangements, chamber music pieces, etc)

    Thanks, again,
    BIG hugs,
    and blessings,

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