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Just to answer a few "up in the air" questions in this thread about me personally.

My playing skill is all state at best and I'm a sucker for technique so I really pay attention to it. I think yesterday I just played to much and something absent mindedly was not "refined" (as in I may have used to much pressure. Who knows?)
Today though everything is good. I did a quick run through of my stuff. Its pretty darn good, I just have to have better breathing points as the piece has no rests at all and no breath marks in the music.. I'll just have to sneak some in if anything.

Thanks again though folks.

breathing marks are the FIRST thing that we enter when learning a new piece. If I think of all of the trumpeting desasters that I have seen, bad breathing was #1 on the list! Even if there is no rests, there is musical flow and that determines where the marks go. We are creatures of habit - and that applies to breathing too! If breathing is not practiced 100%, there will be issues ALWAYS.

The most beautiful music is written in pencil. I hope that you get the message!