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Trumpet Discussion Discuss I need help choosing a horn in the General forums; I have to add..... I have a recording I love, butter, smooth, like a soft breeze.... Then I pick up ...
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    Re: I need help choosing a horn

    I have to add..... I have a recording I love, butter, smooth, like a soft breeze.... Then I pick up a 34 super, used to belong to a lady band leader in LA, wide tone ring, light, plays lead, above the frey, sticks the notes, clear, singing tone, slots perfect..... Then..... Ta Da! I grab my 34 Super Recording.... My knees go wobbly, I start to think I'm a player, I could get a gig with this tone, I feel like I had two lessons and did long tones for an hour a day for 6 months... What tone, what ease, what a horn.......... My life is complete....
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    Cool Re: I need help choosing a horn

    A.N.A., you may have just infected him with N+1
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    Re: I need help choosing a horn

    Quote Originally Posted by larry tscharner View Post
    Its rare, but I have to agree. No time like the present to learn about "different". Not better or worse, but just different. You will learn more about yourself than about the interrum horn. The benefits wont show up till you get back to your Schilke. I had a similar experience a while ago that I count as the best lesson I ever had to learn. Best wishes.

    For horn suggestions, might I recomend a Getzen 700 Eterna II. You will still have use for it later if you dont resell it after your replacement Schilke arrives.
    I second this idea. The Getzens are great, add a PVA and you will be amazed. I have found them used for students in the $400-$500 range.

    BTW When you get your B1, consider taking it to Schilke alumni Dr. Valve (Steve Winans) for a valve alignment.
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