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Trumpet Discussion Discuss I need help, please. in the General forums; Hello everyone. Lately, when I play trumpet and I play a G on staff or anything higher, I feel my ...
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    Question I need help, please.

    Hello everyone. Lately, when I play trumpet and I play a G on staff or anything higher, I feel my throat tense up. I also seem to pinch my lips alot and when I do this, it stops my air flow. Any ideas or advice on how I can stop tensing my throat or pinching my lips? I know it's a common problem, but I want to stop!! Thank you for your time.

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    Re: I need help, please.

    You first have to learn to play correctly in the staff. I would recomend doing easy to moderate lip slurs and learn to relax. Relaxing is one of the essentials of playing trumpet. Go for a full and free sound at all times.

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    Re: I need help, please.

    this guy has some pretty interesting videos on you tube -- and uses "AIR" instead of tension to help with higher notes --- anyways Keith Fiala is worth watching and listening to.
    Trumpet High Note Help, Trumpet Lessons Online, Beginning Trumpet Lessons, Trumpet Books,
    another guy on TM here (Schleiman) sp? takes lessons with Keith -- you might be able to PM him for some advice also
    hope that helps ,

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    Re: I need help, please.

    You're closing your throat. You need to get a teacher who can help you with this. This can be difficult to fix if you keep doing it.
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    Re: I need help, please.

    You could try getting together with a good teacher and doing some pedal tone work. The Pierre Thibaud method is fantastic.

    It might also be worth thinking about things a different way - try BALANCING the pressure of your embouchure, air flow, and mouthpiece rather than matching the pressures. Also, concentrate on where in the body and/or trumpet you feel the point of resistance.

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