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You sounded great. How long have you been playing?
I've been playing since 4th grade(8, going on 9, years)..but only seriously playing for about 4 years. Thank you!

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BTW: Lara, guess why I know that your "String-Of-Pearls"-trumpet is hanging above the window in the testing room?
H....how? Why? Where? That's really cool! Why do you know though?

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Think of how Maurice Andre* (insert your favourite cornet/trumpet soloist here) would play it!!
How did you know that my favorite trumpet player was Maurice Andre? (Closely followed by Sergei Narakiakov)

He'd play it better than I can! lol. (don't worry, I understand what you meant. I'm just being silly.)

Thanks everyone who's commented!!! Man, I love you guys.