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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Inconsistent Range in the General forums; Here is a link to a thread in another forum (w/apologies to MJ - I love ANY info source) which ...
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    Re: Inconsistent Range

    Here is a link to a thread in another forum (w/apologies to MJ - I love ANY info source) which could be helpful to you, Frazzle:
    19/30s exercise explained - View topic: Trumpet Herald forum
    Nothing is more contagious or tenacious than music. Once you are exposed it gets inside you and you can never get rid of it. It is also non-discriminating. It can be Ride of the Valkyries, In a Gadda da Vida, the Jeopardy 15 second thinking tune, your most disliked commercial jingle - it doesn't matter. Once triggered, off you go, like it or not.

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    Re: Inconsistent Range

    Quote Originally Posted by Frazzle View Post
    @Cody, thanks for the offer - wasn't expecting that. I do actually already have a Yamaha 11B4 as it was the mouthpiece that came with my trumpet and the first one I played on when I started aged 8-9 so I still have it here somewhere... Would it be right to go back to using such a small mouthpiece? Ideally, I wouldn't like to go any smaller than a 3c; I mostly play orchestral stuff so I don't have to play that high or that often and would rather go for a slightly deeper fuller sound. Maybe a slightly less extreme change to something like a Bach 1 1/2c (as Rowuk said) would just help me to cope a little better in the higher register. Anyways, thanks again for your kind offer.

    It would be a big jump, but it could be better. I would get a 1 1/2C(As rowuk did say) and see if you like it. It is not that much different, but there is a small difference. I would look at a 2C also. Still big, huge, bathtub size but a smaller rim(but not by much). It would be good for symphonic playing along with the 1 1/2C. The choice is yours.

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    Re: Inconsistent Range

    Quote Originally Posted by codyb226 View Post
    @Mike, you can call me Cody. the b226 is not needed.
    Hey Cody.
    Bach Stradivarius 43* (1974), Bach 3C Mouthpiece.
    Getzen 896 Eterna Flugelhorn (1974), Curry 3FL Mouthpiece.
    Plus a few other Bach, Getzen, Olds, Carol, and Besson horns.

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    Re: Inconsistent Range

    Frazzle, changing mouthpieces won't help your inconsistency or your neck bulging/tension. Besides neck expansion per say isn't always a problem. It has to be addressed on a case by case basis. Bill Chase's neck expanded a little when he played. My neck will expand a little depending on what I'm playing. But if your teacher thinks that it is a problem for you than it needs to be addressed.

    When you talk about consistency, how often does it happen? How long have you been with this teacher?

    There are certain basic skills that I teach my students so that consistency isn't a big problem. Oh they have good days and bad days. But usually on bad days their concentration is off. They don't have embouchure issues such as losing range.

    How long have you
    Bob Grier, An Old Pro
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