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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Inexpensive "student" trumpet in the General forums; I got my "bug" to renew my playing by seeing an ad for a trumpet in the local newspaper. I ...
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    Inexpensive "student" trumpet

    I got my "bug" to renew my playing by seeing an ad for a trumpet in the local newspaper. I had it delivered and paid $60.00. It is silver, has a good, lined case, a 7C mp, and a set of instructions written by a person who doesn't speak or write English. The seller says it was bought new six months ago in Fargo N.D.
    Are these "offshore" instruments worth practicing on?
    I finally got the valves loosened up as he did not know what valve oil was. Definitely not my old Conn.

    Bruce in the Peg

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    Re: Inexpensive "student" trumpet

    Welcome to the forum. Looks like you may have something you can practice on until you can get a better instrument. What is the horn labeled on the Bell?
    A $60 "new " Chinese horn won't give your the satisfaction of your Conn. There are many good used trumpets out there for less than $200, which all mine are in that category. Let us know how it plays as you get your lip back and how it holds up. Good luck.
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    Re: Inexpensive "student" trumpet

    $60 sounds like a Tristar from India. I have played a couple. No fun and consumed quite a bit of valve oil.
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Re: Inexpensive "student" trumpet

    Thanks folks. I didn't think to look on the bell. It has a couple of chinese symbols and the words " golden cup".
    I don't expect much, just a means of seeing if I can get some of my lips back.

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    Re: Inexpensive "student" trumpet


    Don't fret to much and just play it. Get your lip in shape, and in the meantime you can be saving for something else. A suggested goal might be the Kanstul-made Besson 709 that is on sale in various places for about $230. There has been a lot of discussion on other threads about how that's a fantastic price for a very nice brand new horn. I really like the Besson 609 that I bought used for $57 on ebay, and the 709 is supposed to be even better.

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    Re: Inexpensive "student" trumpet

    Hey Bruce!
    If you hop over to the Equipment section of the forum, Dylan Schwab has started an excellent thread devoted to the topic of decent, inexpensive student horns. Here's a link to the thread to make it easier--> (Decent, Inexpensive Horns)

    Take care!!

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