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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Instrument Insurance in the General forums; Originally Posted by flugelgirl My husband and I have a separate policy with State Farm that covers our gear for ...
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    Re: Instrument Insurance

    Quote Originally Posted by flugelgirl View Post
    My husband and I have a separate policy with State Farm that covers our gear for professional use. Everything is insured for replacement value, there's no deductible, and it only costs us about $20 a month. We went this route when one of my horns got damaged at work (the culprit never spoke up) and our homeowners didn't cover it.
    This is very important - if your gear is for commercial use you will probably find your home insurance does not cover it. In my case I feel I'm in a grey area of not being a pro but sometimes get paid to play at venues where the audience has bought tickets - i.e. a fully commercial gig (and not simply a community fair or the like). This is where gig insurance comes into it (for me).


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    Re: Instrument Insurance

    Clarion is the best....

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    Re: Instrument Insurance

    I have a separate policy on musical instruments by S/N. It's through USAA.

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