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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Instrument Technician? in the General forums; Ever since like the 6th grade teachers have been saying you need to be thinking about careers. I've always thought ...
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    Instrument Technician?

    Ever since like the 6th grade teachers have been saying you need to be thinking about careers. I've always thought about music education, but now I've been thinking about instruments. Instrument repairs or working at a instrument manufacturer like Yamaha or something. What would a career like this be called (I think I've heard the term instrument technician)? What kind of training would be needed?

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    Re: Instrument Technician?

    First of all, you need a mechanical aptitude. Then apply for any course that you can find that involves metalworking. With this background you can apply for a job and learn the rest as OJT (on tthe job training) I know of no apprenticeship program that would offer you any help though.
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    Re: Instrument Technician?

    If you want to get training without the usual apprenticeship/intern/gopher approach, several schools offer it:

    Band / Musical Instrument Repair Schools Comparison Chart
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    Re: Instrument Technician?

    I finished recently at Keyano in Canada, and I now work full time as a brass repair tech.

    The term is Instrument Repair Technician.

    Check out Home Page for info

    As far as I know, not that many people take apprentices anymore because it takes time to train them, which costs you money, and they don't have tools, and it really sucks when someone messes up your custom made tools.
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