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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Interesting Fatigue Issue in the General forums; I think what you might be experiencing is "ghost notes" where you are playing the note but the lips are ...
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    Re: Interesting Fatigue Issue

    I think what you might be experiencing is "ghost notes" where you are playing the note but the lips are not cooperating.
    We can all stand to have stronger chops. However, If I'm reading you right, you might want to look up an assessment I put together called "Mouthpiece Pressure Assessment"
    See if any of the traits listed are traits you are experiencing.
    As for mouthpiece pressure, here's a simple way to deal with it (if it is excessive pressure)
    Think of the lips as a meat pillow. Yes you heard me right, "meat pillow". Now the idea is to not smash the pillow and when you feel a little to much pressure going on, stop, take a drink of water and then blow out your lips like a horse. Then go back to playing being ever concious of your lips. when the pressure starts again (and it will) focus on using the muscles around your belt buckle to send the air up to the lips to relieve the lips from the pressure. You trade one pressure for another: mouthpiece pressure for abdomen muscle pressure. You have to pay close attention to what you're doing or it won't make any sense. Good luck

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    Re: Interesting Fatigue Issue

    Quote Originally Posted by trickg View Post
    I think that a lot of players get side tracked doing exercises that while may be good intentioned, can actually be a detriment to their chops if not approached the right way and care isn't taken to maintain good chops focus. I think that in trying to muscle your way around certain types of exercises, the aperture and focus gets blown out. It's always a delicate balance. My opinion and worthless 2 of course.
    Bingo...especially if you don't have a good teacher instructing you. I wouldn't be messing around with Caruso unless I had a really good caruso teacher helping me with it...

    Here's another approach. Try playing the first 7 pages of Schlossberg in the morning. Do it for a couple days. Play it relaxed, and EXACTLY the way it's marked (as far as dynamics and articulations). Play it slow.

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