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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Intermittent Embouchure - Literally in the General forums; I am an amature adult player (started when I was 40). For years I've been trying to solve an embouchure ...
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    Intermittent Embouchure - Literally

    I am an amature adult player (started when I was 40). For years I've been trying to solve an embouchure problem and I am now at the point of total frustration. The problem is that my embouchure is literally intermittent. For many days in a row it will be fine, well controlled, and it is a pleasure to play, top note is a none-strained high-C. The only thing that stops me is fatigue which I don't push pass. When I am at the point when I can no longer form and support a note properly I put the trumpet down for the day. Then, based on no pattern that I can discern, for two or thre days in a row I literally can't form an embouchure. My clean range is reduced to approximately the low-G to the first E on the staff. And no amout of warming up with slow, long, easy notes, solves the problem. It is as if one day you could use your legs to run an jump and the next day you are too weak to walk accross the room.

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    Re: Intermittent Embouchure - Literally

    If you can, get a teacher. Building endurance takes time and patience (and we all want it NOW !). Play other things that you can do w/o strain/pain in the middle of your playable range. Pedal tones are always there and will actually cause you to relax your lips to do them. I would also suggest mpc buzzing when you are away from your horn. Some folks like it, others not so much. I keep my mpc in my pocket so I can "play" in the car or the back isle of Wal-Mart (my wife can always find me ).
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    Re: Intermittent Embouchure - Literally

    Granted, this is advice coming from an immature player (just refer to all my crazy posts on TM), but I agree with tobylou8, you need a teacher to evaluate your approach... embouchure, airway support, as your description is one of severe fatigue, and without seeing you play, it would be hard to advise on what you need to do... other than RELAX.
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    Re: Intermittent Embouchure - Literally

    The above is quite true. Only when I can see and hear a person play can I make an evaluation.
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