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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Intonation problems in the General forums; Many trumpet players(including yours truly) have the problem of playing more shaply as they ascend in range. I know this ...
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    Intonation problems

    Many trumpet players(including yours truly) have the problem of playing more shaply as they ascend in range. I know this is partly the nature of the instrument, but does anyone have any drills, techniques or ideas about how to combat this problem?? I already practice with an electronic tuner on the stand. Thanks jm

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    Re: Intonation problems

    actually going sharp in the upper register is exactly the opposite of what the trumpet does. That is why a "pivot" system worked - increase body influence on intonation.

    Monette mouthpieces actually make the high range sharper and the low range lower than is usual for other brands. This rewards the "relaxed player".

    Exercizes that are useful to get a grip on intonation are octave slurs played very softly. A great cross section of this type of slur are found in the Schlossberg method.

    Throw the tuner away. It is of very little practical use except for getting one single tuning note! Your ears are more than good enough and wih practice, far superior to anything electronic!
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    Re: Intonation problems

    I've noticed that small, shallow mouthpieces tend to sharpen the upper register. If you're playing on one, try a slightly larger mouthpiece. Or even better, try to play more relaxed.
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