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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Intonation, a reality check. in the General forums; Originally Posted by hahkeystah i agree with #1. notice i'm on here during the middle of the work day... heh ...
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    Re: Intonation, a reality check.

    Quote Originally Posted by hahkeystah View Post
    i agree with #1. notice i'm on here during the middle of the work day... heh
    Oh no... not me... did you notice.... I am posting AFTER my work day... In perfect tune as to what my boss expects of me (just to stay on track with the thread).
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    Re: Intonation, a reality check.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dale Proctor View Post
    The best way to learn to play out of tune is to practice while watching a tuner.

    Think about that for a minute...

    Groups play in what I call situational tuning - there are intonation tendencies with any musical group (and within groups of like instruments), and additionally, different chords require "favoring" certain notes to produce the correct group intonation. Diligently learning to play notes dead center on a tuner will almost guarantee that you'll have trouble playing in tune with any group you play with.

    A tuner can be helpful in evaluating horns and mouthpieces, but your ear is your best friend when playing in an ensemble.
    I would agree.... isn't that the reason that orchestra and band always tune themselves as a group for each performance? Being able to simply hit each not spot on would be great if everyone had that same ability and of course everyone would agree to A=440 or A=415 or whatever the flavor of the day happens to be.

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    Re: Intonation, a reality check.

    I see this thread is an oldie, but a goodie ... one comment: When in college, my instructor, Rich Illman (any EKU or MSU trumpeters out there?) once recorded me on a reel-to-reel tape recorder and then played it back at 1/2 speed. Everything sounded 1 octave lower, but the kicker was that at that speed you could really hear which notes were flat or sharp. We didn't worry about passing tones in a phrase, but it did help me to realize which notes I had to 'lip' to correct. It was a helpful tool. As to playing and checking every note against a tuner = that would be nuts.
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    Re: Intonation, a reality check.

    I used to have fun with one of those recorders by recording playing a valve trombone with my trumpet mouthpiece, taking care to make attacks deliberately sloppy and using a slow vibrato. Sounded like superman when played at double speed!
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    Re: Intonation, a reality check.

    Aha!!! now where's my bass trumpet...
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