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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Itg 2009 in the General forums; 10/10 Best ITG I've attended. Jimi... you sounded great on the TCU prelude....
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    Re: Itg 2009


    Best ITG I've attended.

    Jimi... you sounded great on the TCU prelude.

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    Re: Itg 2009

    I'll already obsess about trumpet. However, I wish I could have been there to overdose! Alas, I had to get my first years ready for their final next week. They get pretty worked up and I don't think my DC would have given me a couple of pro leave days as a physics teacher in order to attend a trumpet conference as a guest (he might have gone for a one day if I was a speaker, but only maybe)! He is supper supportive, but I know he wouldn't have signed off on that. That last one I attended was with Felix at Rowan, NJ. I was there one day and my attendance didn't impact my testing schedule at all.

    I be surprised if it was anything less than stellar! Great musicians and commraderie.



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    Re: Itg 2009

    I understand the testing thing. I was in our Senior Final week and just got lucky to have the Friday be free of tests.

    Great ITG, the hard work was evident and should be commended.


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    Re: Itg 2009

    Hey everybody...

    I just wanted to say It was great to see so many of you in person. I hope you all enjoyed the conference as much as I enjoyed working it! While its a relief to finally get to relax, I'm going to miss all the trumpet activity!
    Blow your life through your horn

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