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Trumpet Discussion Discuss ITG Conference in the General forums; I just got offered a free trip to the ITG, I may have to take my friend up on it......
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    I just got offered a free trip to the ITG, I may have to take my friend up on it...

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    Is anyone else having problems contacting the dorm people about ITG? Every time I call, I get a voicemail...and no one returns my calls.


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    Re: On site rooms:

    I had to keep trying, but finally got through.
    I have sent in my request, I can give you a fax #, but have no confirmation of a room.


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    We have to contact them for dorm rooms? I just checked that on the registration form...I'll hop over there (ITG) and double check what has to be done.

    * Here is the registration form link. Says nothing about having to call on it. Since you send it directly to Rowan University, is it safe to assume the info will get to the housing office?
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    It would be nice to receive some sort of confirmation that they have received the application - don't want to turn up to find that I'm not supposed to be there.

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    I am coming up just for a couple of days - coming up Friday, spending the night, then maybe another visit Saturday and heading back to Maryland. I just plan to stroll the exhibits. Look forward to seeing many online friends there.

    Hopefully, we can get a bunch together for dinner/partying Friday evening. Anyone interested?

    FWIW - I made a room reservation at the Red Carpet in Williamstowne. About $70 per night.

    - Paul Artola
    Ellicott City, Maryland

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    I wish I could but sadly can not....

    I look forward to the future posts about it...
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    I will be there. Looking forward to meeting everyone.


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    I'm working on it...

    Looks like I can make a hit and run on 6/7.

    I'll post more as I get things sorted out.

    I just found out I'm open on 6/7, thus allowing me to pull this off!

    More to follow...


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    Thats Great Nick

    In fact i am happy to see so many folks from here already planning to go.

    I think we should organise a meet for drinks and then some drinks, and maybe after that we could go for some drinks?

    On a serious not though we must all try to work out a night to do this, maybe when Nick can make it in the 6th?

    Can we have some feedback on this and try to get some info on where to meet up?
    Does anyone know the area at all? maybe give us some suggestions.


    Eclipse Trumpets

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