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Trumpet Discussion Discuss ITG members? in the General forums; Any ITG members here? Is it worthwhile for a newbie like me to join? Thanks....
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    ITG members?

    Any ITG members here? Is it worthwhile for a newbie like me to join?


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    Re: ITG members?

    Ivan Hunter
    Performance and Tuition - Design, Modification and Repair
    Jaeger Trumpets, Cornets and Mouthpieces

    Please do not attempt any repairs unless you have appropriate technical proficiency

    Program facilitator for
    Bringing Music back into the Home

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    Re: ITG members?

    Just do it.
    Mikel Dupac / Lawler C7-3R-1A + Prana B6S1R
    Olds Super Bb 1962 / Carol Brass Dizzy pocket
    Conn New Wonder cornet 1917 / Many others...
    Music is the healing force of the Universe! A. Ayler

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    Re: ITG members?

    If more posters subscribed to the ITG, they would actually read and learn from people who have lived the life and teach the right ways.
    It is written for professionals and amateurs and is indispensable for those who really want to learn and have first hand knowledge from
    To the OP, yes! By all means subscribe and learn. This place and other trumpet sites are chock full of folks who should not be giving advice, no matter well meaning it may be.
    You will not find any nonsense in an ITG Journal.
    Do it.
    Rich T.
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    Re: ITG members?

    Here is a link to the ITG site.
    ITG - The International Trumpet Guild
    There are perks there that you will not find anywhere else.
    Rich T.

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    Re: ITG members?

    I've been a member for a long time. Do it!

    Pete Grimaldi

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    Re: ITG members?

    ITG is the global focal point and repository for all the professional, scholarly and artistic advancement of trumpet literature, performance and pedagogy. I find it worthy of support from even the casual enthusiast. I like the fact that it's run by trumpet players, for trumpet players. No other institution - professional or academic - can inject undue influence.
    Bach Strad (1980) 37 w/1st valve trigger
    Buescher True-Tone LP 9 (1926)
    Getzen Eterna (1985) 4-valve flugel
    Bestler valve trombone
    Getzen Field Trumpet
    Getzen Titleist soprano bugle (1979)
    too many other bugles in the collection to list

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