Hi everyone;
Just a quick note to let you know that our new cd "The Night, The Rain And You" is now available on ITunes! Just follow this link http://tinyurl.com/38894m
You can also hear all of my songs on ITunes if you search for Bolvin

We've also been getting some reviews which you can read here:
Smooth Jazz.com Smoothjazz.com - Listening Loft
Jazz Review.com CD Review of Eric Bolvin - The Night, The Rain, and You on EBjazz Records @ jazzreview.com

We've also been getting airplay on these stations:

You can also hear us on Smoothjazz.com - The Global Home for the Smoothest Jazz

Of course you can always hear the songs and buy the cd at ::: Eric Bolvin Music Studios - EBjazz Records ::: CD The Night, The Rain and You

I've put up some cool videos of our gig at Santana Row ::: Eric Bolvin Music Studios - Eric's New Stuff :::

Thanks for your support and enjoy the music and the day!!