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Trumpet Discussion Discuss "Jake" in the General forums; Oh, has anyone got an image of the Have Conns will Travel cover? I'd love to see that. I've got ...
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    Re: "Jake"

    Oh, has anyone got an image of the Have Conns will Travel cover? I'd love to see that. I've got a CD that a generous soul cut for me, but I've never seen the cover.

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    Re: "Jake"

    Dear Bill:

    What a fantastic story!!!! I was three years old when all that was taking place with you. However in my lifetime Jake never changed, I used to hang with Jake and Dori and Bubba, his youngest son, while I was at North Texas. Jake changed my life also. He really taught me how to blow the damm thing and do this day, people still comment on my sound.
    Thanks for posting, I certainly enjoyed reading your post more than you can imagine.

    Best Wishes

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    Re: "Jake"

    Quote Originally Posted by wiseone2 View Post
    The "Breakfast Club" was an early network radio show from Chicago. Don McNeil was the host. My dad was a big fan of the show. I can remember Don Jacoby doing solos with the very fine band that played the show. It was, of course, live.
    Wow mr. wise,
    is there anything or any one you dont know!
    I've said it before and I'll say it again.
    It's truely an honor to have you with us!
    and thanks for the pictures!
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    You heard it here 1st, in what ever u do if u buy the ticket u take the ride!
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    Re: "Jake"

    Wow, Bill. What an awesome story.
    "Music is a fire in your belly that has to come out of your mouth, so you'd better put a horn in the way before someone gets hurt"
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    Re: "Jake"

    Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of Jake's method book? I was subbing on a show last night and the regular guy left a copy of the book to read during long rests. It looks really well written.


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    Re: "Jake"

    I studies with Jake.

    Funny guy.

    I know hundreds of his sayings But I can't post them here LOL.

    I get lots of his old students as students.
    Like Keith Wood (who did the music for Jakes Method) has been a student for years now.

    I remember when the heat way hit in 78 and he had one of his BIG trumpet player BBQs because the meat was going bad in the freezer.

    Jake sent the bill to SWEPCO and finally to appease him they gave him a couple of months of free electricity.

    Or when his old car was hit and he refused to get out of the rental until they REPLACED his car with the same year and same model and same miles. He even tried to make them paint it because it was the wrong color.
    He got everything but the new paint color. LOL

    For a long time there he got up and went fishing about 2-3 am and by the time students were showing up for lessons he had fish fried and ready for breakfast.

    The biggest thing I remember was the ONE time I had a bad week and didn't practice enough. Man I NEVER repeated that.

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