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Trumpet Discussion Discuss James Morrison Touched Me in the General forums; Physically and metaphorically; though both were professional. I was in awe of his master class at Chuck Levin's in Wheaton, ...
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    James Morrison Touched Me

    Physically and metaphorically; though both were professional. I was in awe of his master class at Chuck Levin's in Wheaton, MD. I have trouble shutting up but I can't properly explain the experience right now. It was sublime. It was enlightening.
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    Re: James Morrison Touched Me

    I know the feeling - I attended one of his master classes in Straubing, Germany, many years back, when I was a very green player... Just awesome.

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    Re: James Morrison Touched Me

    <-- Awesome guy :)
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    Re: James Morrison Touched Me

    Agree - I was there last night. Such a nice guy and so much to offer. You know that "stuff" that people talk about? Well, he's the "stuff".
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    Re: James Morrison Touched Me

    I suppose you all saw the youtube videos where he explains a lot of things... It is a pleasure to watch and listen to him ... he looks very happy to share his knowledge , he always smiles when he talks . this is what means to be a truly PROFESSIONAL . I can't imagine how is to meet him ...

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