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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Jazz on rotary!!! in the General forums; This cool dude is rocking it! I hope Louie Armstrong would be proud of this chap! LINK TO THE VID...
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    Jazz on rotary!!!

    This cool dude is rocking it!
    I hope Louie Armstrong would be proud of this chap!
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    Re: Jazz on rotary!!!

    Look up Claudio Roditi and Jimmy Owens. You won't be disappointed.

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    Re: Jazz on rotary!!!

    Is that a trumpet or a Flügelhorn?
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    Re: Jazz on rotary!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by kehaulani View Post
    Is that a trumpet or a Flügelhorn?
    Jon Petter

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    Re: Jazz on rotary!!!

    Thomas Gansch is always using a rotary for jazz!
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    Re: Jazz on rotary!!!

    Well, nowadays he's using his Ganschhorn, which is not really a rotary because the length of leadpipe and bell are as they would be in a piston trumpet.

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    Re: Jazz on rotary!!!

    And if you look closely at the trumpet in that video, you'll find that the hooter probably is older than Jazz itself... it's most probably a late 1890s Bohemian Bb rotary.

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    Re: Jazz on rotary!!!

    (personal side note - I think that the valves and not the leadpipe length would dictate whether or not it is a rotary horn. therefore - gansch horn: rotary. TARV if you must.)

    Anyway - I really like how jazz sounds on a rotary because of the way the valve articulates each note. Without using the tongue you get a nice gentle .... hmmm - difficult to find a 'sound' to write with letters... but I guess it would be a very muted gentle 'pop' -but without the last 'p'. Maybe 'thum'. anyway. I like it!
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    Re: Jazz on rotary!!!

    Jazz can be played on anything as long as the person behind whatever instrument feels the music
    Mainly a 1958 Holton B47 Symphony for band
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    Re: Jazz on rotary!!!

    check out these cats.

    Rotary flügel, but still. Mine should be here next week, so i've been told...

    Gian d.
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