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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Jens' Yamaha trumpet rant in the General forums; Sign me up! My Guido tone awaits! Originally Posted by richardwy Jerry, you sold me! Thanks for the post. Side ...
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    Re: Jens' Yamaha trumpet rant

    Sign me up! My Guido tone awaits!
    Quote Originally Posted by richardwy View Post
    Jerry, you sold me! Thanks for the post.

    Side thought: wouldn't it be something if we see flugel's in orchestras more in 25 to 50 years? Sergei might have set the ball rolling already and we don't know it.
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    Re: Jens' Yamaha trumpet rant

    Nice points rowuk

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    Jerry, no sparks, you are exactly right. The over-brilliance of the piston trumpet is compensated by the big mouthpiece. In addition, the "monster sound" required to get jobs has changed how composers view the trumpets position in the orchestra. The FFF and FFFs of Tschaikovsky, Wagner, Mahler are simply not reasonable anymore. That sound marking the edge of what the trumpet can acoustically produce is sooooo loud that it is no longer useful. This robs us of very significant colors. Some orchestras/trumpet sections use natural trumpets in Mozart and Beethoven to get some of this color back. This seems to have more success in Europe than in the states - maybe signs of Hollywoods grip on sound concept?

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    Re: Jens' Yamaha trumpet rant

    I saw Allen play this year, he's truly remarkable

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    Re: Jens' Yamaha trumpet rant

    Like with hardware, there is no universal method for success (even although many teachers claim such nonsense). Our psychological makeup, flexibility, marital status, playing schedule, probably even our exposure to the sun, alcohol and artificial sweeteners all have a very big say in what options that we have.

    Rowuk makes a great point here...
    I know I play a lot higher when I get a lil bit of booze in me.

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