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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Jerome Callet article in the General forums; We´ve just finished editing and uploading this new article on Jerome Callet - ready for your enjoyment! Jerome Callet...
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    Jerome Callet article

    We´ve just finished editing and uploading this new article on Jerome Callet - ready for your enjoyment!
    Jerome Callet

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    Re: Jerome Callet article

    Very interesting. Another book for my "must read" list.
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    Re: Jerome Callet article

    Interesting! He made a leadpipe for my piccolo that really plays well.
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    Re: Jerome Callet article

    Great read. I have one of his Jazz trumpets. Fantastic instrument.

    One of my first instructors showed me a method similiar to Mr. Callet's method: "Callet’s embouchure requires that players hold their tongue through their teeth, with the tip of the tongue on the top of their lower lip when playing. Their embouchure must have a lower jaw that is kept relaxed, which greatly improves their endurance and reduces strain from playing."
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    Re: Jerome Callet article

    Tickles my tongue, couldn't do it.
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