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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Johnny Zell in the General forums; Originally Posted by fraserhutch Does anyone here think for a minute that Chris Botti would sound EXACTLY the same on ...
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    Re: Johnny Zell

    Quote Originally Posted by fraserhutch View Post
    Does anyone here think for a minute that Chris Botti would sound EXACTLY the same on a Calicchio as he does on his Martin Committee? I'll bet my last dollar Mr Botti doesn't.
    Agreed, but Chris Botti will sound like Chris Botti on any horn he chooses to play.
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    Re: Johnny Zell

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    Re: Johnny Zell

    Quote Originally Posted by John Mohan View Post
    Yes, that's definitely a Bach. Must be the horn Mr. Zell went to after wearing through his French Besson in several places. I found a single (photo) shot of what I think is the Besson (the picture's a bit blurry) at 0:40 on this YouTube video:

    YouTube - What a Wonderful World

    You can see the dual knobby things on the end of the first valve slide and the single tuning slide brace.

    Also found this photo:

    Thanks John that explains that. The video is too fuzzy for me but that definitely looks like a F Besson in the picture. That was a great find, those are great horns.
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    Re: Johnny Zell

    I am very happy to see this info. on Brother Johnny Zell. I enjoy watching him play everytime I tune into the WelK show.

    He was and still is a clean living Christian Man. Shows a great love for the Trumpet and His Family.

    Would be nice to know what Music College and Horn Master taught Him. He appears to be a very Classical trained Muscian like Mr. Claude Gordan etc.

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