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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Just to clear things up in the General forums; Originally Posted by Solar Bell Let's take a week off and come back with a new attitude. Nice! I think ...
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    Re: Just to clear things up

    Quote Originally Posted by Solar Bell View Post
    Let's take a week off and come back with a new attitude.

    I think you just gave that young man a "time out"!

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    Re: Just to clear things up


    I think you need to start over and quit trying to win a battle that you already lost. People will know you by what you post tomorrow, not those in the past. It also will be noted favorably when your postings reflect a better attitude. I would ask you if you believe your present responses are working? Why don't you put your postings of the past behind you and start afresh to attempt with postings to build a better rapport?

    Best wishes,


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    Re: Just to clear things up

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    Hey all,
    don't get the idea that banning is a solution for anything. It is not in our interest to lock out members with "non-standard" attitude. I really get a case though when questions are asked but answers not accepted. Post weak - get an appropriate answer. Fish for compliments, and you probably won't get them. Expect 1 on 1 lesson material, and you better be ready for the truth.

    CF has some soulsearching to do. His weaknesses are not our fault and the answers were truthful. If he enjoys his stay here, then basic netiquette is all thart is required.

    Infants are often placed in pens to keep them from hurting themselves. It is entertaining to watch them learn to walk, but sometimes we need a break.
    As always, extremely well put.
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    Re: Just to clear things up

    Let us not ignore the fact that I ended up censoring a lot of CRAP. I hate censorship, but hate ignorance more. I think that we understand everything that "was" posted.

    Chet_Fan, you know now from us that we hear weaknesses in time and tone. Fix that stuff before posting again. Pride is a BIG part of becoming a fine trumpet player. I too am happy that not more is posted. Obviously there can be questions if it helps the playing or only the "fighting spirit".
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Re: Just to clear things up

    Just my take on improving your playing (learning to play).

    Learning is a closed loop function - research, absorb, question, play and listen, play again and listen, play - LISTEN SOME MORE, now make pretty music - if you don't like what YOU hear keep trying, altering, researching learning, trying, playing until you do - LISTEN, play, LISTEN, play, and then LISTEN. After all that's over, then ask some questions and maybe, just maybe, ask someone you trust to just listen.

    What is the ultimate goal of trumpet playing - for someone to listen and enjoy listening, if you haven't done the listening, learning, listening bit the audience won't enjoy.

    Having said that - go and play pretty music - play what YOU enjoy. And no - I didn't say post.

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    Re: Just to clear things up

    WOW, Who needs TV drama when you have TM

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    Re: Just to clear things up

    next on "As the Horn Blows".......Chet returns new and improved, playing regular gigs with TrumpetNick.

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