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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Just a Few Chris Botti's Trumpet Music Notes in the General forums; Mason: I think with practice, I could and you could play the notes. The question would remian, could we sound ...
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    Re: Just a Few Chris Botti's Trumpet Music Notes


    I think with practice, I could and you could play the notes. The question would remian, could we sound as smooth as CB.. For me, the answer would be "no". I'm blaming it all on not owning a Committee....
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    Re: Just a Few Chris Botti's Trumpet Music Notes

    Yea! If I had a Commitee, I could sound smooth too. Who wants to give me one? It would be sooo smooth.
    Jesus Christ is Lord!

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    Re: Just a Few Chris Botti's Trumpet Music Notes

    *throws arms in the air* I CAN'T PLAY THIS!!!!......
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    Re: Just a Few Chris Botti's Trumpet Music Notes

    Chris Botti study Material(sheet music&minus one):
    Lisa BRASSMINUS | Lisa Chris Botti
    Emmanuel 201.Emmanuel Chris Botti
    The steps of positano 203.The steps of positano Chris Botti

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    Re: Just a Few Chris Botti's Trumpet Music Notes

    Too many uptight people. Sorry guys, but it's true. Hands up he/she who has absolutely NO "pirate" or home made copies of ANY tapes, CD's, vinyl, VHS, or any downloaded mp3's, or youtube videos, or any music or films from the web? Eh? Well if you have none of the afore mentioned, then you're a saint.

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    Re: Just a Few Chris Botti's Trumpet Music Notes

    While I find it interesting reading from the archives of TM, I would like to first say that transcribing from the original masters is a great way for us to learn the art. Claudio Roditi thought me exclusively through transcribing the work of others... I eventually integrated the many styles and techniques into forming my own vocabulary. So I do agree with PINCHUNO that we should not sequester the works of others to advance our own potential.

    But we should also not profit from the works of others without some way giving the value back to those that put the blood, sweat and tears into creating the works that we strive to reproduce... when we do this in front of an audience for our own profit... this does become a bit of a thready ethical issue...

    ...but it is the complexity of the world of copyright that is the thorn in the side of we professional musicians that play to a paying audience.
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    Re: Just a Few Chris Botti's Trumpet Music Notes

    Quote Originally Posted by Mason View Post
    I found some of these sheets of music of Chris Botti's. I wish i could play it, but eventually when i can im going to buy the WHOLE BOOK .
    Heres the link to where you can buy it from: Sheet Music Plus - Best of Chris Botti (Trumpet)

    Can You guys play any of this stuff?

    Edited by ROWUK. Copyrighted material may not be scanned in and offered here. The scans link has been deleted. Even although we are not directly responsible for links, we must keep the sight "clean" to prevent litigation.
    ...I actually bought the book when it first came out...early in my latest and final comeback attempts and well before I had developed the capability to play all of what's in the book. It has been great to work on as a long term project and I enjoy picking it up and working on something or just playing the pieces I have worked through. I'm glad I got it when I did...

    Thanks to Chris for putting this out for us to have.

    BTW, I have a Committee and it does not make any of the pieces any easier nor unfortunately does it make me sound like Chris. Guess a trumpet is not like a player piano...

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