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Pardon me while I smile. Day two doesn't mean a damn thing. Bad habits take weeks, months, years to correct. Good habits that didn't work are no different. Post again in a month. You will have a real story to tell then.

If it is that easy, then you were only messing around or must have practiced no more than 15 minutes a day prior to the "change". If you were working hard, there is a whole lot still in front of you.

Just be patient. That and preserverance are the key to getting on the right track.

Up and downstream are two VERY different ways to play.
Oh no, don't misunderstand. It's not *snap of the fingers* I can magically play everything in front of me. But it's a definite improvement over what I'd been dealing with over the past week or two.

There's quite a bit left to do, but every day its getting just a tad easier to do things I once found rather difficult. But I assure you I'm not one of those "15 minute a day" people. I've been devoting 3-4 hours a day to practice, but with the wrong setup, I really wasn't getting all that much accomplished. It was hit or miss most of the time.

I just think I read into the upstream/downstream topic a little too much which started making me think that was the issue, when obviously it wasn't.