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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Just Got my First C Trumpet! in the General forums; Awesome! Post pics!...
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    Re: Just Got my First C Trumpet!

    Awesome! Post pics!
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    Re: Just Got my First C Trumpet!

    Will post pics tomorrow.

    After spending the last two days playing solely on the C trumpet, I have noticed a marked improvement in my intonation on this horn.

    I'm finding it quite easy to play, and when I push it, boy can it strip the paint off the walls!

    I like the idea of the range of leadpipes available for me to put on this horn, thank you for pointing it out!
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    Re: Just Got my First C Trumpet!

    Something that might help you that most of us use is a slight change in fingerings. When you play 4th space E finger it 1 & 2 and Eb is 2 & 3. Some Bachs also need 3rd space C fingered 2 & 3.

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    Re: Just Got my First C Trumpet!

    People in the know recommend a slightly larger throat on the mouthpiece to make the slotting a bit "fuzzier". Much easier to bend notes that way!
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