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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Just saw Doc Severenson in Concert in the General forums; Originally Posted by ultratrumpet I recently viewed a video of Doc holding a clinic on embrochure. In this video he ...
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    Re: Just saw Doc Severenson in Concert

    Quote Originally Posted by ultratrumpet View Post
    I recently viewed a video of Doc holding a clinic on embrochure. In this video he stated that it now takes him 2 hours or more to just warm-up before a concert. Why do you think this is ? It surprised me.
    2 Hours?! According to some, that's 2 hour to many! But what does Doc know?
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    Re: Just saw Doc Severenson in Concert

    I saw Doc doing a clinic at Wake Forest University in 1968 or 1969. He played for us kids, then went out and was the featured soloist with the WFU band. It was FREEZING cold and he came out and played a wonderful halftime show. I was amazed, because cold always does funny things to the timbre of my sound. Still my all-time favorite player
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    Re: Just saw Doc Severenson in Concert

    My wife and I saw him on the 8th its was a fantastic show. I wish I could do it all over again!

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    Re: Just saw Doc Severenson in Concert

    It is my understanding that Doc was always one to stress the importance of he practices up to 8 hours a day.
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    Re: Just saw Doc Severenson in Concert

    Both Doc and Bud Herseth have stated that as they got along in years, it took them a bit longer to get ready for a performance. Long after mere mortals were hanging it up, these two were still as good as it gets. Doc will be 85 this year and still is a fabulous player.
    Doc's practice is legendary. Vince Chicowicz wrote that every time he called Bud's house, Mrs. Herseth would say he was downstairs practicing and she would go get him.
    There is a lot of utter nonsense about "you can't go wrong" with this horn or that mouthpiece. A true pro just won't make a blanket statement like that. What you really CAN'T go wrong with is intelligent, proper practice and lots of it.
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    Re: Just saw Doc Severenson in Concert

    That reminds me, my son and I were both watching to see if he would change horns. Near as we could tell he never did, but he changed mouthpieces several times. Some of the guys in the trumpet section changed horns. I don't know what Doc plays now but whatever it was looked like lacquer from the 16th row.

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